Friday, October 28, 2016

Update 28th October

TV 3 8pm
X factor
It's a scary Halloween Spacial tonight the real scary thing is that Honey G is still in the contest

Channel 4 9pm
I'm delighted to see the return of this fantastic show. It's about robots who are domestics but they are starting to uprise which will be great to watch!

Sky 1
Supergirl 8pm
Well this super show is back and looks like there is also a super guest star!

Comedy Central 8pm
The middle
Well the family sitcom is not great I suppose you could see it's middling!

Wednesday 9pm
Sci Fi
The Excerist
Well this is a TV take on the biggest horror movie ever made! This show will certainly turn a few heads!

RTE 2 9:30
Stop Hammer back again and the Boyle boy himself Mr O'Dowd is in it!

BBC 1 22:35
The Blame Game
This brilliant panel show from the north is back and in top form! It's really funny. It's better than the Late Late Show which really isn't saying much I supposes !


Coronation Street
Kevin told girlfriend Anna he would bring her to the bistro when she gets out of hospital which is owned by the brother of the person who put her In hospital in the first place Ken Barlow is In hospital I wonder is the actor getting full pay! Both Sarah Louise and her daughter have fallen for the same man! I hate when that happens!

Fair City
The girls kidnapper is being revealed - who is it and who cared at this stage! Oisin has got dad Paul's best quantities aggression and being a ladies man!

Kim is not doing great with the driving but I can't really talk Well Lee Carter's stag is on and what could go wrong knowing Eastenders scriptwriters ... EVERYTHING !!

That's it for this week

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend and don't forget to support and pay a visit to the fantastic pubs in this fine town of boyle! 

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