Friday, October 21, 2016

Update 21st October

Welcome to another fun filled edition of Tadhg TV !

Saturday ITV 8pm
X factor
As much as I love to give out about this show, this year's X factor is one of the best years I've seen in a while and believe me it has nothing to do with the return of Louis Walsh.

Man United vs Chelsea
This is going to be a cracker of a game! It certainly will be the Special one!

Monday Fx 9 pm
The Waking Dead
Its back again and the big question will be answered and can all walkers make sure they are home by 9pm otherwise will miss out!

Sky Atlantic 9pm
This year has been a great year for New TV and this is going to become an instant classic! It's based on the classic movie and the TV show is the best in the westworld!

BBC 1 8pm
Bake Off final
this is the final bake off final on the BBC and the last one with Mel (nudge nudge) and Sue ( wink wink) I for one am getting behind Andrew the Ginger Ninja!

Dave 9:40
This new comedy Is a spoof of Lord of the Rings so I will make a 'hobbit' of watching it every week!

BBC 2 10pm
This show is back but with a different in that the Fry guy is gone and been replaced by Sandi  which I think is quite interesting!


Fair City
The girl is locked in cellar it could be worst she could be living with TYommy Dillon!
Paul is having an affair again

Coronation street
David's doing dodgy driving.
Ken Barlow had a stroke and the actor who plays his son had a stroke of luck when he was asked to return to the cobblers

Kim driving skills are nearly good as mine!
I don't know why Kathy is concerned that Ben is giving Phil a liver one of the conditions is Phil must remain sober for 6 months lol

Well this week was brilliant It was car crash TV!
It started with a funeral on Monday night but whose was it?
Ashley forgot his daughter's name but remembers where the keys of the cars were and how to drive it!

Thanks it for this week
All the best

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