Saturday, October 15, 2016

Update 15th October

Welcome to Tadhg TV

BBC 6:30
Strictly Come Dancing
Yes a reality TV show about the contestants not the judges and Irish people are getting behind Laura Whitmore and I'd certainly give her one (if I was a judge on the show)

Channel 4 9pm
The Crystal Maze
This 90s favourite is back as a one off but if we watch it, it will be back fully! I liked the original presenter because the presenter had the same hairstyle as myself!

Sky living
Criminal minds 9 pm
This criminally good show is back and it's not easily watched because like the Boyle Scouts it's intense (in tents) at times!

BBC 1 9pm
Ordinary Lies
This is a great comedy drama about a group of people who work together but after work they all live very different life's each episode focuses on a different person! BBC is the home of good comedy and drama to be fair!

Rte 2 7pm
Campions League Live
It's the big one tonight Barcelona versus man shity It will be great if Barca win I personally think it will be a Messi game.

Dave 9pm
Red Dwarf X1
It's great to see that super comedy set in space back with all your favourites back which means Fun fun fun

Channel 4 9pm
Well Friday night for me is all about watching great TV and great laughs This is the perfect Friday night TV show which all the family can enjoy!


It's hard to laugh at Eastenders this week - there was great acting from Whitney Dean which is something I though I would never be writing
Jay came back which is great there can never be enough moody teenagers in a show!
Billy showed he wasn't silly by throwing his weight around at the funeral parlour well his surname is Mitchell after all!!

Coronation street
Pheelan is trying to win over Eileen with a holiday! Let's hope it's a one way ticket!
Things are hotting up in the Platt household. David the demented is probably my favourite character at the moment!
I wish Tyrone and Fizz were in it more! They are the funniest soap couple on TV at the moment!

Fair city
Well after this week it should be called 'affair city', doormat has changed from mild mannered accountant to expect in all things criminal! The real crime is the ridiculous storyline.

That's it for this weeks Tadhg TV enjoy your week

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