Friday, October 7, 2016

Update 8th October

Welcome to another stellar edition of Tadhg TV

TV 3 8pm
X factor
This year is a Spacial year for the X factor as they start the live show because instead of the 1 novelty singer there are at least 3! It seems that the ability to generate viewers is more important then the ability to sing this year!

RTE   2 7pm
International Football
We will all be cheering on the boys in green and hope we leave Moldova green with envy when we beat them 5-0

Luke cage
This a new Netflix show based on the marvel character Luke Cage which looks very good! Netflix have more leeway when it comes too censorship so this is the uncaged version of the show if you will.

3E UFC 9pm
Speaking of cages it's time for another UFC pay per view now this is shown live at 3 AM on Saturday night/ Sunday morning but now the ally is closed there is nowhere ya can watch it live In Boyle anymore.

The Missing
This is the follow up to the hit show of last year! Hopefully a few hundred viewers won't be missing by the time episode 2 airs!

ITV 8:30
For the love of dogs
This show was recommended to me by my 4 legged friend Blondie Dooley! It is a great show about rehoming abandoned dogs hosted by one of my favourite presenters Paul O'Grady! It's really a savage show!

Channel 4. 10pm
The Last Leg
Well it's great to see this brilliant show back on our screens now like myself this show is not for the easily offended


The square was full of joy and laugher this week! Not So Jane is improving at least pity the actress who plays her isn't improving as an actress.
Phil is on his death bed for the 100 time I think. Finally Stacey and martin fowler are very happy in their new house which means more then likely one of them will be killed off Christmas Day!

Coronation street
Come on Eileen do something before it's too late! The only time Pheelan isn't doing is going around with I am a Conman written on his forehead.
David Platt got attacked and apparently les Dennis surveys 100 residents and asked Gail for the top 5 people she thinks attacked him!
Todd is a bad egg lying and cheating etc I reckon he would apply for the apprentice looking at this contestants he would probably end up winning it!

That's it for this week have a great weekend and an even better week.
Tiger !

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