Saturday, October 1, 2016

Tadhg TV update 1st October

Saturday Network 2 5pm
Saturday game
Well it's time to do it all again I hope mayo do it and i promise if Mayo win the all Ireland I will watch the late late show in it entirety for the whole month of October!

Sunday Utv 7pm
X factor
It's bootcamp week this week and it's getting good for a change! So who will get the boot? And will the rating get a boast! All will be revealed

Carrick cinema 8:30
The magnificent 7
Went to see this during the week it was excellent. The star of the movie was of course Denzel Washington! I though I'll include this movie as every cowboy knows a bandwagon when he sees one!

Tuesday Sky Atlantic 9pm
This TV show of course is based on the cult movie and stars Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris it's definitely worth a look!

Wednesday Tv3 9::30
Pat Kenny Tonight
Yes Mr Personality is back on our screen with a new show I bet it will be serious crack with the plank!

Thursday BBC 1 9pm
The Apprentice
The best reality TV show of the lot is back with Lord Sugar and there is an Irish interest this year! PS for someone with the surname Sugar he is not very sweet!

Friday BBC 1 10:35
The Graham Norton Show
Another welcome return for the cheeky Cork Chappie himself I better watch him because if Mayo win the all Ireland I will keep my promise to watch that long string of Misery Tubbers


So if Dot Cotton losses the job with the residents of Albert Square have to wash there dirty Linen in Public
Phil Mitchell is on his death bed again he must be getting a loyalty card from the intensive care unit at this stage!
Finally Jane giving Stephen money to cash in the bank is like telling me not to touch the apple tart in the fridge!

Coronation street
Roy came up cropper this week!
Todd has a feeling the local builder is up to some dodgy dealing!
Maria has some unwanted attention as Caz is interested in more then just a wash and a blow dry!

That's is for the week
I just want to wish Boyle all the best in their Semi final on Sunday

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